PHEnOM Project

Southern AeroMeidcal Institute is Proud Partner with the SeaSpace Society | PHEnOM PROJECT.

SAMI provides high altitude chamber training to their Citizen Scientist-Astronaut candidates. 


PHEnOM Project

The PHEnOM Project (an acronym for Physiological, Health, and Environmental Observations in Microgravity) is one of the world’s first commercial human spaceflight research programs, training and utilizing citizen scientist-astronauts and mission support specialists to carry out its mission objectives. 

The project is a microgravity human research program that will conduct cross-disciplinary research using a cradle-to-grave (ground evaluation to orbital) experiment design and technology maturation approach. The primary fields of research include: biomedical/health, engineering, pharmacology, materials science, and atmospheric and physical sciences. There are currently 3 primary individual research projects in the design and prototype building phase for PHEnOM, two of which are focused on countermeasures hardware and device development, and the third, an evaluation of a commercial space life support system. Applications for the PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut and Mission Support Specialist programs are now open. Training for both programs will commence in February 15 2016, followed by parabolic research flights in the September to November, 2016 time frame. PHEnOM Mission Support Specialists and Scientist-Astronaut Candidates will undertake research in Earth-based laboratories, on parabolic aircraft, and eventually, aboard commercial suborbital spaceflight vehicles and other high-altitude, edge of space research platforms.

  •  Applications for both programs are currently open.
  • Review of all applications submitted during this call will occur as they are received.
  • Invitations/notifications to proceed to Phase Two of the selection process (personal interviews) will be sent as applications are reviewed and applicants are determined to be a good fit for the program.
  • Final Selections will be made on a rolling basis throughout the application process.


Citizen Scientist-Astronaut

The PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut (CSA) corps is comprised of talented individuals from across the world working together to create and lead an unparalleled commercial human spaceflight research program. Our corps of Citizen Scientist-Astronauts participate in a very comprehensive training program that combines didactic course work with mission- and spaceflight-specific skills training. The PHEnOM Project’s CSA program is delivered over a period of two years using a blended instructional format that combines online/web-based didactic course work with six location-based trainings (3 each year). 

 The PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut (CSA) Program is very similar to a hybrid academic degree program, combining multiple methods of instructional delivery, including online, home study, and “ground school” (in-person, hands-on instruction). The training flow is designed to provide Candidates with an opportunity to apply their didactic knowledge to hands-on practical application in multiple areas of operational relevance, and is delivered over a period of 24 months. 

In December of 2016 we completed our first training session with Project PHEnOM. View the training videos below.

PHEnOM Video Gallery

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For additional information about the PHEnOM Project visit their website: