Hypoxia Training Programs

Southern AeroMedical Institute offers a variety of training programs to meet the needs of pilots, cadets, companions, and support staff.


  • Fully Automated Altitude Chamber.



The evolution of Slow Onset Hypoxia training came in the form of the patented DeSat Program written by our Medical Director by Dr. Paul W. Buza. DeSat individualized hypoxia training as it relates to the cockpit upon ascent. Since 1999, there have been over 145 commercial and general aviation fatalities due to a cabin depressurization upon ascent. Our training incorporates a Garmin 1000 and Zodiac Aerospace Mask System while in communication with ATC at Altitude in a Hypobaric Chamber. 

Concierge Hypoxia Training

A deluxe version of our DeSat Training Program where our Medical Director, Dr. Paul Buza, guides you through the different stages of hypoxia. Dr. Buza in a confidential and consultation style setting will assist you in pinpointing your specific symptoms without the disturbance of additional trainees.

Cadet Hypoxia Training

In 2016, Southern AeroMedical Institute launched it’s Education Initiative. As a research based institute we feel it is our responsibility to offer excellent, affordable, introductory yet advanced hypoxia training specifically tailored to Cadet needs. This resulted in the development and launch of Cadet Hypoxia Training.

Flight Attendant Hypoxia Training

We believe in an emergency event, like a slow cabin depressurization “all available resources” should be utilized. Due to the active and physical nature of the duties of a Flight Attendant, they are potentially the first person to feel the symptoms of hypoxia. Therefore it is vital to establish a fundamental understanding of hypoxia signs and symptoms. 

Advanced Chamber Program

The Advanced Chamber Program is SAMI’s evolution from the standard FAA Rapid Decompression training to scenario based training for Slow Onset Hypoxia. The Advanced Chamber Program trains pilots on their individual and  unique symptoms of hypoxia while operating a flight simulator in communication with ATC at Altitude in a Hypobaric Chamber.



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