Dr. Paul W. Buza D.O., F.A.C.N.


Dr. Paul W. Buza is the founder of Southern AeroMedical Institute. A researched based institute which provides training to pilots on the dangers of Slow Onset Hypoxia. Dr. Buza’s passion for research has lead him to become involved with many universities.

  • University of Central Florida, College of Medicine – Adjunct Professor and Admissions Member
  • Florida Institute of Technology, College of Aeronautics – Adjunct Professor Undergraduate and Graduate Level Courses, Master’s Thesis Committee Member
  • Eastern Florida State College – EMS Hyperbaric Dive Medicine Lab
  • University of Jacksonville, School of Aeronautics – Certified Hypoxia Lab
  • Broward College – Auxiliary Hypoxia Training
  • Flight Safety Academy – Hypoxia Training Lab
  • Bristow Academy – Hypoxia Training Lab

Dr. Buza’s dedication to aviation safety resulted in Southern AeroMedical Institute training over 3,000 pilots in the altitude chamber with simulator and air traffic control integration. In addition to the training Dr. Buza is also the author of the FAA/FITS accepted, “Scenario Based Physiological Training, and “Crew Based Physiological Training”.

Dr. Paul W. Buza, is a board certified Neurologist and graduate from Michigan State University, College of Medicine. Throughout his long career he has obtain substantial training and accolades in a variety of areas.

  • NOAA Certified for Dive Medicine – Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychiatry
  • American Academy of Neurology and Psychiatry, Member
  • American Osteopathic Association, Member
  • Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, Member
  • Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society, Member

In addition to his dedication to aviation safety, Dr. Buza is ardently dedicated to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the power it has to heal. He was instrumental in the early development of hyperbaric medicine in our community which is now considered the, “Standard of Care”. Dr. Buza’s state of the art hyperbaric chamber has treated over 45,000 patients since 1999.

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