Flight Attendant Hypoxia Training


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Our Advanced CRM (ACRM) training program includes the primary objective that flight rubber jungleattendants provide a critical role in the support of not only the passengers but the crew as well. During an emergency “all available resources” should be utilized. The training is scenario based and fundamental hypoxia training in the true high altitude chamber further enhances the training experience. Additional advanced concepts for the care of passengers during the emergency descent is reviewed.

The scenario is conducted within the high altitude chamber that is configured to a jet to enhance the realism of the experience. The trainees have the opportunity to experience firsthand the sensations of hypoxia and the proficiency required of oxygen supplementation. These emergencies are presented in a variety of different scenarios enhancing the confidence to manage such an emergency.

ACRM Flight Attendant Training Objectivescart

Establish fundamental hypoxia experience learning the specific physiological sensations

Demonstrate oxygen supply proficiency

Demonstrate CRM communications with the flight crew and ensure emergency descent commences

Demonstrate proper management of trapped gases, particularly middle ear equalization

Understand and anticipate most common scenarios of cabin depressurization

Rapid Decompression

Failure of pressurization on ascent ( Helios model)

Slow decompression at cruise altitude


Advanced CRM may have prevented the unfortunate Helios Airline 

accident resulting in the death of 121 crew and passengers.

Review our primary scenario for Flight Attendant Hypoxia Training.


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