Advanced Chamber Program

The Advanced Chamber Program is an excellent introductory training experience teaching the importance of recognizing the dangers of Slow Onset Hypoxia. This program was developed as an evolution from the standard FAA Model which is an excellent training experience for Rapid/Explosive Decompression. During our Advanced Chamber Program pilots fly to true high altitudes within the Altitude Chamber to learn the physiological effects that occur due to low oxygen availability.

SAMI is the first training institution to incorporate flight simulators with

ATC communications into the high altitude chamber. Creating a more realistic and

true experience to enhance training related to the dangers of hypoxia.

  • Fully Automated Altitude Chamber.

Advanced Chamber Program – What to Expect

  • 1/2 Hour Pre Flight Orientation – Introduction to Flight Simulator and Oxygen Mask
    • Introduction of computer based flight simulator.
    • Review of Emergency Mask Donning Proficiency – Train pilots to comply with FAA regulations requiring pilots to don their oxygen masks within 5 seconds of recognizing their individual hypoxia sensations.
  • One Hour of Flight – High Altitude Chamber Training
    • Scenario training begins at 5,000 feet with an ascent rate of 1,500 feet per minute.
    • Trainees are given flight instructions by ATC while engaging their simulator.
    • Dr. Buza carefully monitors trainees, including communicating with them during the scenario to ascertain their individual hypoxia sensations.

Upon Completion

High Altitude Chamber and FAA/FITS accepted “Scenario Based Physiological Training”

Certificate of Completion

Hypoxia “Fingerprint Card” – Laminated card with each pilot’s individual sequence of hypoxia sensations

Post Flight Debrief and Oxygen Saturation Review

Video of Flight Training

Hypoxia Video Gallery

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Each pilot experience is unique. Specialized video recording of the pilot and aircraft instrumentation is captured on video for playback to better understand the effect on your performance. The video is provided to each pilot and may be used throughout your career for recurrent training.  This program is not to be confused with reduced oxygen breathing programs as the chamber remains the gold standard in true physiological training.