Cadet Hypoxia Training

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As a research based institute we feel it is our responsibility to offer excellent, affordable, introductory yet advanced hypoxia training specifically tailored to meet cadet needs.

This resulted in the development and launch of our Education Initiative.

Why Train Cadets?

Southern AeroMedical Institute endeavors to provide invaluable hypoxia altitude chamber training for academy cadets early in their training careers. The experience further enhances their knowledge of hypoxia before they begin type rating and enhances the importance of cabin pressurization management shortly before they begin flying in the regional airlines. It is unlikely that once they have started flying for the commercials that the time and effort to provide such training will occur. Hence, SAMI provides this invaluable training early in their education. SAMI networks with the flight academies of Florida and provides advanced scenario training concepts at a cost effective rate. It is our philosophy to allow easier access to this training as we firmly believe that the future generation of commercial pilots should experience this invaluable training at least once in their career.

  • Fully Automated Altitude Chamber.

The Training Program

Cadets are trained by using simplistic computer based flight simulators in groups of 3 at a time inside the Altitude Chamber. The cadets engage with ATC while ascending at a rate of 1,500 feet per minute. This allows the cadets to thoroughly explore their hypoxia sensations. This program was created by our Medical Director, Dr. Paul Buza, as an evolution from the standard FAA/AF training model of large group training.

 Cadet Hypoxia Training – What to Expect

  • 1/2 Hour Pre Flight Orientation – Introduction to Flight Simulator and Oxygen Mask

    • Introduction of computer based flight simulator.

    • Review of Emergency Mask Donning Proficiency – Train pilots to comply with FAA regulations requiring pilots to don their oxygen masks within 5 seconds of recognizing their individual hypoxia sensations.

  • One Hour of Flight – High Altitude Chamber Training

    • Scenario training begins at 5,000 feet with an ascent rate of 1,500 feet per minute.

    • Trainees are given flight instructions by ATC while engaging their simulator.

    • Dr. Buza carefully monitors trainees, including communicating with them during the scenario to ascertain their individual hypoxia sensations.

 Upon Completion

High Altitude Chamber and FAA/FITS accepted “Scenario Based Physiological Training”

Certificate of Completion

Hypoxia “Fingerprint Card” – Card with each pilot’s individual sequence of hypoxia sensations

Post Flight Debrief and Oxygen Saturation Review

Video of Flight Training

Southern AeroMedical Institute has a long standing relationship with many flight schools. They include Florida Institute of Technology, Flight Safety Academy, Bristow Academy, Jacksonville University and more. Below is a sample training video conducted in our High Altitude Chamber.  

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