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Southern AeroMedical Institute is dedicated not only to aviation safety but to academics as well. Our Medical Director Dr. Paul W. Buza is passionate about educating the pilots of tomorrow on the dangers of Slow Onset Hypoxia. SAMI partners with Flight Schools and Universities to provide this training at an affordable student rate.  

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Please review our Cadet Hypoxia Training for more information.

Florida Institute of Technology

Our Medical Director Dr. Paul W. Buza is an Adjunct Profressor at FIT School of Aeronautics. Dr. Buza teaches teaches both undergraduate and masters class as well as bring a committee member for the Master's Thesis Program. SAMI has been training FIT Student Pilots since 2001.

Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University partnered with Southern AeroMedical Institute to provide training for their Student Pilots. The students participate in the Advanced Chamber Program as a part of course requirements for graduation.

Flight Safety Academy

Since 1966 FlightSafety Academy has been a leader in developing and delivering professional ab initio pilot training. Over their forty-seven year history the Academy has provided the highest caliber graduates to airlines, governments and commercial operators from around the world.

Bristow Academy

Bristow Academy is one of the leading schools for helicopter flight training in the nation. They are accredited by the ACCSC and approved by the FAA and EASA. As a part of their training they offer the Advanced Chamber Program to their Student Pilots.

Broward College

The Aviation Institute at Broward College is a school where a students can train to be a pilot, air traffic controller, maintenance technician, or operations manager. Students are offered the Advanced Chamber Program as an auxiliary training in addition to their academics.

Aerosim Flight Academy

Originally created by Comair Airlines, later owned and operated by Delta Airlines. Aerosim Flight Academy training structure was developed by the airlines, their pilot school instruction is rooted in the discipline required to turn students into successful airline pilots.

Eastern Florida State College

The Emergency Medical Services Associate in Science degree at Eastern Florida State College includes credits earned in EMT and Paramedic programs. As a part of the course curriculum a Hyperbaric Medicine Lab is taught each semester by Dr. Buza.

UCF - College of Medicine

Our Medical Director Dr. Paul W. Buza is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Buza is a member of the Admissions Committee as well as a Mentor for the Research Program.

Acedemic Partner

Southern AeroMedical Institute is dedicated to education. We offer a wide variety of training programs in both Aviation Safety and Hyperbaric Medicine.