2014 Events


TBM Safety Seminar – Phoenix, Arizona

  • Lecture: Stress, Fatigue and the Aging Pilot

Federal Aviation Administration – Vero Beach, Florida

  • Lecture: Hypoxia Physiology

Embraer Annual Operators Conference – Los Cabos, Mexico

  • Lecture Hypoxia Physiology


MMOPA Annual Conference – Naples, Florida

  • Lecture: Cabin Depressurization and Hypoxia


Citation Jets Annual Owners Meeting – Greenbrier, West Virginia

  • Lecture: Hypoxia Physiology

TBM Safety Seminar – Groton, Connecticut

  • Lecture: Hypoxia and the Aging Pilot

Embraer operators Annual Conference – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  • Lecture: Simulator Based Physiological Training


Federal Aviation Administration Safety Meeting – Daytona Beach, Florida

  • Lecture: Cabin Depressurization, Fire and Smoke


Broward Community College of Aviation – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • Lecture: Aviation Physiology

Federal Aviation Administration Sun and Fun – Lakeland, Florida

  • Lecture: Hypoxia Physiology


TBM Safety Seminar – Fredericksburg, Texas

  • Lecture: Hypoxia and the Aging Pilot


ICAO Safety Seminar – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • Lecture: Case Reviews of Hypoxia

CASSOS Civil Aviation Medicine Seminar – Barbados

  • Lecture: Aviation Physiology

TBM Safety Seminar – Melbourne, Florida

  • Advanced Chamber Program Group Training