AOPA Turbine – Slow Onset Survival

Slow Onset Survival 

by: Tom Horne Pilot Editor at AOPA.

The aviation world took notice when an apparent case of slow-onset hypoxia caused the September 5, 2014, fatal crash of a Daher TBM 900. A landmark accident if there ever was one, it was all the more significant because it took the life of TBM Owners and Pilots Association Chairman Larry Glazer and his wife, Jane. Glazer was flying from Rochester, New York, to Naples, Florida, when he twice requested a lower altitude from ATC, mentioning an incorrect instrument indication. The airplane continued without any further communications from Glazer, and the airplane crashed off the Jamaican coast. Since then, Glazer’s family raised the wreckage from the ocean, but no official ruling as to probable cause has been published. However, the prevailing belief is that hypoxia was the blame… more.

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