Concierge Hypoxia Training

A deluxe version of our DeSat Training Program where our Medical Director, Dr. Paul Buza, guides you through the different stages of hypoxia. Dr. Buza in a confidential and consultation style setting will assist you in pinpointing your specific sensations without the disturbance of additional trainees.  

This elevated variation of our normal training is thoroughly personalized to you. Dr. Buza will commence the training by conducting a 1-hour discussion on Slow Onset Hypoxia. During this discussion he will cover the dangers surrounding a slow cabin depressurization and basic aviation physiology as it pertains to you. Education is crucial when determining your life saving sensations.    

After the discussion is complete, the instructive training begins in the High Altitude Chamber. Dr. Buza will demonstrate Emergency Mask Donning Proficiency – EMDP. Throughout our research we found for various reasons pilots are often unfamiliar with their oxygen mask. Our goal is to educate you on how to:




– Remove the mask from its location

– Quick Donning in under 5 Seconds

– Effectively communicating with ATC

– Equalizing your ears upon an Emergency descent

– Sanitation and stowing of your oxygen mask



After we feel you are comfortable with the oxygen mask we will begin “flying” our high altitude chamber. The entire time Dr. Buza will be in the right seat of the simulator, describing how a slow cabin depressurization manifests itself. During this time, you will be in contact with ATC, who will advise you of changes to your flight plan. Our flight table for the high altitude chamber will match a slow cabin depressurization rate of 1,500 feet per minute until sufficient hypoxia sensations are experienced by the pilot. Allowing for true exposure to hypoxia while remaining in a safe and controlled environment. During the training an important dialog will be conducted between yourself and Dr. Buza to help you express sensations that may be difficult to articulate. As a tool to use for recurrent training a video will be created of your training session beginning at 10,000 feet.    

After the instructive portion of the training session is completed Dr. Buza will review your sensations, oxygen saturation levels, and flight video. At this time, you will also receive your FAA/FITS Certificate, a Finger Print Card containing all of your sensations, and a copy of your training video. Dr. Buza will also answer any question you may have pertaining to the training.

Hypoxia is a viral threat to aviation safety. Education and training are necessary in order to prevent more tragedy. An atmosphere of complacency has no place in the cockpit.   


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