CHARM Program

Welcome to the CHARM Program. 

In 2015, Southern AeroMedical Institute partnered with Aeronautical Data Systems. Our collaborative objective was to build the most advanced, comprehensive, and effective hypoxia training program ever conceived. The result was the CHARM Program which represents the introduction of decades of advances in software, medical understanding and experience analysis.



Southern AeroMedical Institute is the premier research institute regarding the phenomena of Slow Onset Hypoxia. Our decades long research has produced groundbreaking results and has improved the way aviators around the world prepare themselves for oxygen contingencies. 

Aeronautical Data Systems fields the most advanced oxygen management solutions in aviation. Their expertise in dynamic post-event scenarios has introduced elements of preparedness never before seen in a training environment. 

This marriage of medical science, advanced software solutions and practical pilot wisdom coalesces to form the new standard in Hypoxia training.

Simply: when it comes to preparing yourself or your flight crew for worst, CHARM is the bottom line.

Where it all began…

In 2015, SAMI made its first great contribution to aviation training with the introduction of it’s DSC_0014patented DeSat Program. In contrast to traditional training formats, DeSat introduced the concept of implementing a Garmin G1000 and Zodiac Aerospace EROS Mask system inside the high altitude chamber. A unique and central aspect  of this training is the closest possible re-creation of the dynamic, chaotic and task saturated environment a pilot will face during a pressurization event. This early DeSat model formed the basis of what has evolved into the CHARM program. This includes a medical understanding of hypoxia, FAA standard mask donning procedures, ATC communication, crew coordination, scenario based narratives and post event training – all while operating at true altitudes and utilizing oxygen reserves. 

In 2015 SAMI partnered with ADS to create The Comprehensive Hypoxia, Altitude, and Resource Management  program or CHARM. A core component of CHARM is the introduction of ADS software and subject expertise. This includes I-pad applications such as the  ERGO 360 and O-2 Timer, as well as post event training narratives and best practices. These additions were the last piece of a full spectrum hypoxia education. Today CHARM provides trainees with an unprecedented level of operational flexibility and survive-ability when facing a pressurization event.  



What to anticipate from the CHARM Program


  • 1 Hour of Lecture – “Slow Onset Hypoxia” with Dr. Buza

    • In-depth review of Slow Onset Hypoxia, a basic introduction to aviation physiology, and a case review of accidents as a result from Slow Onset Hypoxia.
    • Overview of ERGO 360 and O2 Timer Scenarios for Training:
      • Environmental Descent Restrictions
      • Fuel Restriction
      • High Altitude Departure
  • 1/2 Hour Pre Flight Orientation – Introduction to Garmin G1000 and Zodiac Aerospace Oxygen Mask

    • Review of Emergency Mask Donning Proficiency – Train pilots to comply with FAA regulations requiring pilots to don their oxygen masks within 5 seconds of recognizing their individual hypoxia sensations.
    • Initial use of ERGO 360 Plan Mode
  • One Hour of Flight – High Altitude Chamber Training

    • Scenario training begins at 5,000 feet with an ascent rate of 1,500 feet per minute.
    • Trainees are given flight instructions by ATC while engaging their simulator.
    • Dr. Buza carefully monitors trainees, including communicating with them during the scenario to ascertain their individual hypoxia sensations.
    • Once a cabin decompression is declared the trainees engage ERGO 360 and O2 Timer and post event procedures.
    • Trainees assess, plan, and execute actions in a post decompression environment.  
  • 1/2 Hour Post Flight Review – Review Oxygen Saturation and Flight Video with Dr. Buza

    • Dr. Buza reviews individual sensations of each trainee while watching the video.


Upon Completion

High Altitude Chamber and FAA/FITS accepted “Scenario Based Physiological Training” Certificate of Completion

Hypoxia “Fingerprint Card” – Laminated card with each pilot’s individual sequence of hypoxia sensations

Post Flight Debrief and Oxygen Saturation Review

Video of Flight Training



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